July Almond Shipments Could Help Pecan Consumption

August 09, 2013

While the Almond Board's release of the July Position Report may not have been good news for Almond buyers, it was definately good news for the Pecan industry.  Shipments continue to surpass levels of a year ago and with the 2013 Almond crop projected to be approximately 185 million pounds less than last year, the Pecan industry has been given a rare opportunity to supply product to customers not normally available to them.  When one considers that the 2013 Walnut crop is also projected to be smaller than last year and that shelled Walnuts continue to sell at or near record levels, the Pecan industry stands to see significant gains in consumption across the board, especially when it comes to baking, snack nut and confectionary products. A copy of the Almond Board's July position report is available at