The USDA Releases the Final 2015 Pecan Crop Figures

July 06, 2016

Today’s USDA release of the final 2015 crop figures is another example of why the Pecan industry needed to pass the marketing order.  Statistics have always been a problem for the industry and today’s release is no exception.  Based on voluntary input from both Growers and Shellers, the USDA put the final 2015 crop at 254.3 million pounds. That is very interesting when one considers the following:

  1. The industry started with 50.3 million pounds less (inshell basis) than they did a year ago,
  2. The industry has imported as many pecans as they did a year ago (net basis),
  3. The industry has shipped as much or more every month than they did a year ago,
  4. Through May, meat exports are almost identical to last year,
  5. The industry shipped a record 36.5 million pounds (inshell basis) in May,
  6. The Georgia Pecan Commission reported that Georgia Growers, with orchards greater than 30 acres in size, reported a harvest of 91 million pounds.  Considering the amount of pecans produced on the unreported acreage, the actual number was probably closer to 100 to 105 million pounds yet the USDA only reported Georgia at 93 million pounds,
  7. At the end of May, there were 12.4 million more pounds in cold storage than there were a year ago at the same time.

Based on the above ‘hard numbers.’ does 254.3 million pounds make sense?  The yet-to-be elected Marketing Board members have their work cut out for them!