The Pecan Industry Can No Longer Ignore a Certain Blogger

December 19, 2019

Well it seems that Mr. Matthew Bailey just can’t seem to help himself.  As he has done on numerous previous occasions, he has again attempted to slander and defame the reputation of myself, Mr. George Martin and Navarro Pecan Company.  In an article published today on his website, he has again seen fit to replace facts with lies and inuendo. In the post he refers to a lawsuit by Varistor AG, a court ordered judgment against Navarro, etc., all of which never occurred and accuses me of being complicit in unspecified crimes. FOR THE RECORD, THERE IS NO LAWSUIT, NO TRIAL, NO LOSS IN COURT, NO COURT ORDERED JUDGEMENT, NOTHING OF THE SORT; FAKE NEWS! Further, for the 100-plus growers and shellers who attended the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to George Martin in September 2018, including representatives of Pecan South and The Pecan Grower, there was no disparagement of buyers and growers by Mr. Martin, only praise for those who continue to make a living in one of the most competitive margin-thin agricultural businesses in the US. There certainly was no drunken stupor. If you don’t believe me, ask any of the attendees at the ceremony or even better, ask the editors of Pecan South and The Pecan Grower.

While Mr. Bailey seems to enjoy making such false claims, he fails to mention his own legal problems.  Earlier this year Mr. Bailey was sued for slander, liable and defamation of character. This past Tuesday, the judge in the case ordered Mr. Bailey to pay all reasonable legal fees incurred to date by the plaintiff due to Mr. Bailey’s failure to comply with any of the judge’s pre-trial discovery orders.  Further, Mr. Bailey has been ordered to appear for trial on February 19, 2020, in Atlanta Federal Court. The judge’s decision may be the reason for Mr. Bailey’s spurious article. Rest assured that it will be added to the other defamatory articles. I know this because I am the plaintiff.

As I said months ago, until the industry is willing to stand-up and stop such injurious behavior, people like Mr. Bailey will continue to disparage the very people who have worked the hardest to move our industry forward.  No one should be allowed to do what Mr. Bailey continues to do.  When is the rest of the industry going to stop burying their heads in the sand and put a stop to such divisive behavior?