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The Pecan Industry Can No Longer Afford to Act as the Banker to the Big Chains

June 25, 2024

Today’s release of the May Cold Storage figures was not very reassuring. While inventories remain low, this was the fourth month in a row of inventory increases. With the continued wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, high interest rates and a fairly good crop in South Africa, it could be several months before buyers feel the need to re-enter the market in any meaningful fashion. Even with a severe drought in Mexico, and forecasts for a worsening situation in the months ahead, kernel prices continue to be lethargic at best.

Final USDA 2023 Pecan Crop Estimate 13% Higher Than Previously Forecast

May 28, 2024

Unbeknownst to many in the industry, on May 7th, the USDA NASS published the final 2023 US Pecan Crop estimate.  Based on their data, the 2023 crop was 306.75 million pounds (inshell basis), up 13% from the January preliminary estimate of 271.45 million pounds.  It is important to note that unlike the October, December and January estimates, the data for which is supplied solely by growers, the May estimate is a compilation of both grower and sheller data.  According to the report, the average price returned to the grower was $1.68 per pound ($1.73/lb on improved inshell, $0.97/lb on native inshell), down from the $1.80/lb returned in 2022 and

The US Pecan Industry Needs More Than Just Marketing

April 04, 2024

One of the things that sets the Almond Industry apart from all of the other tree nuts is the strength and proactive nature of the Almond Board of California.  Through their efforts, and those of many of its member growers (Blue Diamond, Wonderful, etc.), the board has established a set of quality standards, production practices and information systems that are accepted and used around the world.

When is the Pecan Industry Going to Wake Up?

March 08, 2024

Whether you want to believe the numbers or not, it is painfully obvious that the industry is severely short of product.  Based on the recently released Cold Storage figures, there are only 205.7 million pounds of pecans in inventory; the shortest January inventory since 2012.  Based on the APC’s recently released January Commitments numbers, of the 205.7 million pounds in inventory, 173.9 million pounds is committed.  With only 31.8 million pounds available for sale until next fall, one is hard pressed to explain why sheller’s continue to sell kernels for less than $5/lb. or why growers can’t get more than $3.30/point for their inshell.

Industry Inventory Lowest Since 1992

January 25, 2024

Yesterday the USDA released two reports: the December Cold Storage Holdings and Pecan Crop production reports.

With respect to the Cold Storage Holdings report, the USDA reported that the industry had 129,069,000 million pounds (inshell basis) in Cold Storage at the end of December. Assuming that there are no changes to that figure in next month’s report, the industry is carrying the lowest inventory into January since 1992